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Known as a mother entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and most importantly a believer,  Jazmine Rochelle embodies the epitome of a purpose-driven woman. 


Recognized for her unparalleled creative edge in branding, design, and fashion, Jazmine has impacted the lives of many through her businesses and book BOSSY: Inspiration for the Entrepreneur.

Coupling her educational and business background, she inspires others to maximize their potential through creation, innovation, and inspiration. 

Attributing her success to the essence of her faith, love of her family, and support of her friends, Jazmine Rochelle perpetually strives to execute all in excellence as she scales her mountains of influence. 


The Ace Agency is Atlanta's premiere Creative Agency. Specializing in all forms of branding, marketing, logos, visuals, social media enhancements, web, print, and interactive media, the Ace Agency guarantees the ACE promise. With our help, we will Accelerate your Growth, Create Compatibility within your market, and Elevate your brand. With over 14 years of experience... WE ACE IT... every time.

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